When I look at Dorota Bierżyńska's paintings, I have an intriguing question: could he paint a man like that? I realize that by putting a similar problem of the pedigree of art I fall into an eternal trap.
Some, for the model of female painting, would put Olga Boznanska, her delicate, sensitive, I would say muslin palette and love of beauty expressed in models, especially women. Others, in turn, would refer to the art of Katarzyna Kobro, how precise, logical geometrical. Only man can do it. The third group would say that art is either bad and that you do not have to create it on your knees, as Jan Styka intended, but good. Thus, art, and especially fine arts, are genetic in their genesis.
    However, for me, the painting by Dorota Bierżyńska is a classic example of the fact that in the art of presenting, where the search for a full expression is always connected with the reception and getting to know your Sony and Psyche, it involves getting to know yourself and accepting your (including gender) uniqueness. Recently, for example, I learned that such artistic masterpieces of nature as starry lace snowflakes - they never repeat. We have an infinite number of star-shaped masterpieces!
    How deeply did Brzezżyńska have to reach her woman's fullness, where in mysterious relationships she connects herself with the spirit and soul to create her stunning and unique art. In this place I will quote the opinion of a very feminine poet, columnist and essayist, Ewa Moskalna, who is already dead, who wrote about Dorota Bierżyńska: "Bierżyńska is not ashamed of emotion or biology. They combine in a natural - typically feminine way - into one with intellectual reflection. Accepting sensations, experiencing them with the whole being, somehow conquers the auto - analysis "
    Today, "not embarrassing either emotion or biology" often in feminine painting combines with a kind of exhibitionism, shocking corporeality, including the hedonistic debauchery, this cancer of modern Western civilization.
    Indeed, in Bierżyńska, we meet feminine acts, but how many delicacies in them, they are shrouded in a mist of feeling, co-feeling, a gift of femininity. Even in the passionate act of a woman in a red stocking, we see a reverie, there is a captured moment in front of something that is going to happen or has already happened ...
    Because I am neither an art historian nor the more a critic, I will let my unprofessional remarks because of the affinity of my imagination. As a prose writer I am allergic to the fleshiness of the Kashubian landscape, to the fascinating variability of the sea or the Kashubian lakes. I got this visual enchantment from my Vilnius pages - from the Oszmian highlands.
    Dorota Bierżyńska herself can determine the nature of her vocation, which you will find in the catalog of this opening. However, in another place she writes: "My painting is a sphere where I free myself from an object to define my own reality, and then it unexpectedly turns into a space seen only in dreams, in a dream." This release from objects, not always consistent - which in a moment, causes that the sea element is not seen as a naturalistically turbulent sea (as we are watching, for example, in the naval sailor of the eminent Russian painter Ajwazowski), but actually a colorful vision of the sea that someone dreamed about who lives in the world of colors.
    The artist told me that the palette of Ibero-American painters is very inspiring for her. And where, how influential the school of colourists from the Paris group of Kapists, which had its continuation in the Sopot ASP? In the works of this painter I have managed to see, this delicate Polish watercolors dominate, to go through, as if in Mexican painting: even in a fantastic predatory, fiery bird with a hooked beak ...
    What I now want to say may contradict the previous arguments. But this is what happens when we have an outstanding creative personality.
    Although the artist states that her painting is "freeing herself from objects" when we reach for a series of paintings in which objects play an important role - we can only admire the unprecedented sense of composition. of being, treated with an unmistakable sense of color - often saturated with the Ibero-American palette - creates an unforgettable landscape. Each composition is born from the seeming chaos of things accumulated anyhow and creates its own world, I would say, a world of higher spiritual sense.
    And here I come back to my own - a painting of a uniquely feminine, full of joy and passion of life. How much courage and sensualism are there, where the world is perceived not only by soul and intellect; but with all physical being. I am glad that I could interact with the art of Dorota Bierżyńska.

Zbigniew Żakiewicz


columnist, essayist



    The next exhibition of the BWA Sopot is of promotional nature. Dorota Bierżyńska, diploma lecturer at PWSSP in Gdańsk, presents her paintings and drawings for the first time in Poland.
     Her works emanate the joy of life and energy, openness to the world and man. The most emotions can be found in the colors of Dorota Bierżyńska. Colors mean, tell stories, arrange in figures. Spontaneity and great courage in artistic expression, combines the author with the maturity of the workshop and a great sense of plastic. (C)


Informational and journalistic journal

BIERŻYŃSKA Dorota (1963), artist and painter.
She was born in Gdańsk. From her childhood she lived in Sopot, where she graduated from Primary School No. 8 Jan Matejko, and then Second High School. Bolesława Chrobrego in 1982. In the years 1983-1988 she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk at the Faculty of Painting and Graphic Arts in the studio of prof. Jerzy Zabłocki.
    In the years 1990-1991 she used the scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and Art for young artists. Her work was presented at individual exhibitions: in Düsseldorf (Germany, 1987), Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Bonn (Germany, 1988), in the "HI HI TE" gallery in Toronto (Canada, 1989), in BWA in Sopot "Between copper and blue (1991), Dworek Sierakowskich (Sopot, 1995), Die Galerie, Wilhelmshaven (Germany, 1999), Museum of Sierakowski Manor House (Wejherowo, 2005).
    She also participated in group exhibitions, including: "Arte Femenino" -Norderstedt (Germany, 1995), "Unions", church of St. Jana (Gdańsk, 1999), VIV ARTIS GALLERY (Sopot, 2000/2001), her paintings can be found in private collections in Poland (including Lech Wałęsa) and abroad: in the USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, France, Portugal, Italy and England.
    The author herself is attributed to female painting, full of joy and passion of life, says: My painting is a sphere in which I free myself from the object to define my own reality, and then it unexpectedly turns into a space seen only in dreams, in a dream.

Sopot biographical album


Golec Józef - polish educator, social activist


    In the years 1991-1995 Dorota Bierżyńska was involved in the publishing of cultural information programs, broadcast regularly on television. Important exhibitions: numerous individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad in countries such as Germany and Canada.
     In March 2011, she presented her own collection of clothes from the Glamor series, which took place in a full guest room at the Sheraton Hotel in Sopot. It works in collections: collectors from around the world, which proves the uniqueness of its work.

Gallery exhibition 100 years anniversary


State Art Gallery in Sopot, Poland

Rorota Bierzynska Danuta-Walesa

Wonderful painting.
I would recommend!

Danuta Wałęsa


First Lady of the Republic of Poland (1990-1995), wife of President Lech Wałęsa.

Dorota Bierzynska

Wonderful paintings, great creative personality.
Some of the works are distinguished by a very intricately made texture.

Queenie’s Tenerife Blog


professional writer, Spanish journalist.


    Nothing complements a painter like the uniqueness of art, when it becomes a phenomenon against others. D.Bierzynska belongs to such. If someone sees her paintings once, he will know forever that this is the work of master Berzynska.

Time Out New York


an international company based in London, which publishes a weekly daily in 60 cities around the world.


  Colors invite to walks
Perspective:  Polish woman painters shows genius abstractions



An independent daily newspaper, Germany

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